What information do I have to provide when I make an order?

When you make an order, we ask for your first name (for pickup purposes), your contact information (email and/or phone number, for being contacted when your order has been filled), and your zip code (for internal purposes). We may ask for other optional information to help us learn more about our customers, but you do not need to enter in any information that you do not feel comfortable providing.

How will you use my email address and phone number?

This is used by us to contact you to let you know when your order is ready for pickup. You can also select to receive occasional notices of web specials or deals, or to join our newsletter.

Do you deliver?

At the current time we do not deliver, however this is an option we are considering.

What are the benefits of joining your loyalty program?

If you place orders online, you are automatically added to our loyalty program and your purchases earn points towards future purchases. You can see how many points you have under Shop -> Shop Pages -> My Account. You can also view your order history and set up an address for delivery. Loyalty program members can also opt to receive newsletters or notices of special deals or offers.